Attendance Policy


In school year 2020–21, our Community Schools face new circumstances that change the student learning experience. Our goal is to establish good attendance habits, whether students are engaged in remote (remote & blended learning students) or in person learning (blended learning students). We invite parents to be part of the attendance Improvement strategies at P.S. 38 so that our scholars can flourish in a positive, safe, and welcoming environment for all.


DOE will track and follow up on student attendance daily, Monday through Friday whether students are engaged in remote (remote & blended learning students) or in-person (blended learning students) learning.


Present: (In-Person Blended)

Student is physically present in the classroom / school-learning environment for instruction during the scheduled school day.

Remote: Present  

Student is virtually present in a virtual learning environment for synchronous instruction during the scheduled school day.

Blended/in person Instruction: Absent  

Not physically present in the classroom school learning environment for instruction during the scheduled school day.

In the school building but not attending any classes or not meeting with a guidance counselor or other licensed pedagogue.

Remote Instruction: Absent (M)

Not virtually present during remote class, remote lesson, or scheduled teacher -student instruction during the scheduled school day.

3K & PreK programs have limited screen time to 20 minutes per day and much of the remote learning day will be spent on the asynchronous (independent) activities, which means that the definition of PRESENT for remote learning in 3- K and pre-K classes ONLY will include time on asynchronous (independent) activities for daily attendance.

In order to meet the criteria set by NYC DOE Attendance Policy for the 20-21 school year, PS 38 will:

  • Collect daily attendance for remote and in-person settings, as is required for reporting and state aid purposes on our Google Attendance Tracker using P-Present and A-Absent for Blended in-person and O-Present M-Absent for Fully Remote and Blended Remote attendance tracking.
  • Attendance will be tracked daily by 9:17 am for that day so that teachers and members of the attendance team may follow up with students and families. Attendance will be reviewed again and finalized by 11 am so that it may be uploaded on to the Central system.



PS 38 will adhere to a tiered response protocol in monitoring student absenteeism and will employ engagement strategies from Every Student, Every Day to connect with chronically absent students.

Tiered Interventions may be activated as follows:



What Triggers Intervention?


Who provides intervention?

Tier 1 – Personalized Intervention

Absence or Missed interaction

Teachers, Classroom supports and Paraprofessionals

Tier 2 – Early Intervention

Missing 20% of learning opportunities in 2 weeks, or 20% in a month

Outreach Team, Family Outreach Worker, Parent Coordinator

Tier 3 – Intensive Intervention

Loss of contact for more than one week

Social workers, CSD, Attendance Teacher, Principal, Public service agencies