Parents and guardians play a big role in their child’s success at school.  You have a responsibility to support your child by making sure that:

  • Your child attends school regularly, without excessive absence;
  • Your child arrives to school on time, well-rested, and prepared for the day’s work;
  • Your child completes homework assignments.

In addition, parent should make every effort to:

  • Read school communications sent home in backpacks and email;
  • Sign and return notices, permission slips, and report cards by the date requested;
  • Meet with teachers at Parent/Teacher Conferences.Parents also have the opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher on Parent Engagement Tuesdays after school.
  • Attend to your child’s health.
  • Due to COVID, all parent teacher meetings will be held virtually.


  • Blue Emergency Contact Cards:On the first day of school, you will receive BLUE EMERGENCY CONTACT CARDS.We use the information provided on the BLUE EMERGENCY CONTACT CARDS to reach you in the event of an emergency or if your child gets sick in school.You must update the blue card whenever your address or contact information changes.To do so, come into the school and see your school parent coordinator [INSERT PC NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION].
  • School Lunch Application:ALL NYC Public School Students are welcome to enjoy FREE breakfast and lunch at school.Parents do not need to apply to receive those meals.However, parent must complete the School Meal Form so schools can get access to funding for this program and others.You may complete the form online by clicking here.You will also receive a copy of the form via backpack.
  • Media Release Form:Student often use technology as part of their learning, creating photographs and videos to post on class and school websites.Teachers may post images of students and their work on the school website or newsletters.A Media Release requesting your permission to use these items is sent home each year.
  • Custodial and Other Legal Documents (as needed):The most recent legal documents pertaining to custodial care of a student, or orders of protection must be on file in the school’s Main Office, in order for us to comply.
  • Health Accommodations Forms (as needed):If your child receives medical accommodations or is administered medicine at school, you must submit a 504 form to the school nurse.The form must be completed and signed by your child’s physician.Forms are available on the NYC DOE website or you may obtain one from the school nurse.
  • Yearly Neighborhood Trip Permission Slip:each year our students may participate in neighborhood walking trips during the school year.A permission slip for neighborhood walking trips will be sent home for you to sign and return the permission slip.


NYC DOE Family Guide to Special Education

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NYC DOE School Re-Opening Family Guide 2020-2021

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PS 38 Parent Handbook