School Safety

School Safety Agents are the first people to greet you upon entering the school and they work in conjunction with school administration to help maintain order and safety.  School Safety Agents have the following responsibilities:

  1. Respond to immediate security situations;
  2. Help school personnel maintain discipline and order;
  3. Follow visitor protocol procedures;
  4. Patrol areas within and immediately surrounding the school building;
  5. Prevent intruders from entering the school building;
  6. Report serious incidents to the school administration.

We all play a role in keeping our children safe at school.  We are proud to be a school that welcomes families!  You are our most important and our most frequent visitors.  So, it is critical that you follow the proper procedures when you enter and leave the building.

Please be sure to follow these simple rules to help keep our school and children safe:

  1. Due to COVID arrangements, visitors are not allowed in the building. Please make sure to contact the Main Office or the Parent Coordinator for any questions or concerns.
  2. ALWAYS enter and exit through the main school entrance.
  3. ALWAYS stop at the school safety agent’s desk to sign in each time you visit and show photo id.  Wear the visitor’s badge provided by the school safety agent until you exit the building.
  4. Go directly to your stated designation. 
  5. DO NOT wander or visit other floors.
  6. Use only adult restrooms near the safety agent’s desk.  Adults are prohibited from entering student bathrooms.
  7. Return your visitor badge to the safety agent when your visit is over.
  8. NEVER use any side doors to leave the school.  This is a breech of perimeter safety and an alarm will sound.  Use the main doors only.
  9. Follow these steps each and every time you visit the school, even if you are a familiar face at the school.